Training & Workshops

Providers International is eager to speak to your association or organization on the subject of Security. Please contact us so we may discuss the topic and length of the presentation you require. Our flexible approach to security can be illustrated in how we design our presentations. Brief introductions to a topic during a luncheon are always available as are longer more in depth seminars.

Surviving Active Shooter Situations

One must only turn on the news to see the latest Active Shooter Attack. It’s an unfortunate reality in our world but one you can prepare to deal with effectively. Providers International bases its Active Shooter Survival Training methodology on approved Federal Guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security. Our philosophy “Be Aware and Prepare” revolves around exploring the necessity for constant situational awareness. When something feels wrong it usually is. This seminar will focus on how to increase your chances of surviving an active shooter situation, what to expect from EMS and police response, and how to assess, identify and report irregular behaviors from individuals of concern.

Identifying at Risk Individuals

Many people fall through the cracks in today’s competitive environment. Both internal and external stressors can cause someone to act out inappropriately. Peer situations, adult interaction, academic ability physiological and psychological stability are all situations that people today have to deal with. This seminar discusses policies and legislation related to behavior and crisis intervention. We focus on the escalation of violence between guests and staff and how to appropriately deal with these sensitive situations. Special attention will be given to developing a crisis management plan and the different strategies that can be implemented when responding to escalating behavior.

Terrorism Preparedness

The recent attacks in Paris have demonstrated how vulnerable people truly are to extremist ideologies put into action. Gathering places and corporations remain high value targets for acts of terrorism. Providers International has developed a cutting edge workshop that goes beyond Active Shooter Survival Training. This session will focus on new techniques to employ when faced by an attacker, how to improve your survivability, and when to hide, fight or run. Special attention will be given to integrating these new strategies into your current All Hazard Emergency Management Protocols. This seminar will continue to push the envelope and deliver cutting edge practices using experiential education methods. This class will empower attendees and effectively prepare them for the unexpected.

Violence Prevention Seminar

Violent acts against unprepared persons often have long lasting and devastating effects on families, friends, co-workers, and reputations. Fortunately, many violent acts can be avoided with proper training. At Providers International our philosophy “Be Aware and Prepare” transcends the act of violence into an approachable and tangible subject. This custom tailored seminar delivers vital information for staying safe at work, at home, and throughout the day.

Workplace Violence Seminar

For many violence at the workplace occurs in a flash. One minute you’re in a meeting, the next you witness a physical altercation in the break room. A routine day can quickly deteriorate into chaos opening opportunity for employees to get hurt and even killed. Fortunately, violence does not occur in a vacuum. In fact, the pathway to violent action can be identified. This seminar focuses on properly identifying pre-indicators to violent behavior, what to do when this behavior is observed and how to step in effectively below the threshold of violence. Providers International applies our philosophy of “Be Aware and Prepare” to Table Top exercises which engage attendees and allow them to play out realistic workplace violence situations in a non-threating atmosphere. Special attention will be given to developing crisis management teams and the different strategies that can be implemented when responding to escalating behavior at the workplace.

Pathway to Violence

Violence remains a reality in multiple facets of our lives. We witness violence unfold on the news, we hear about hostility on the radio, and we read about brutality on the Internet. These frequent occurrences have been weaved into the very fabric of our existence. However, violence does not manifest itself. In fact, aggressive physical acts can be identified and prevented below the threshold of violence. Providers International has established a new training methodology that delivers insight into the “pathway to violence.” This training session will delve into the signs and causes of threatening behavior, how to identify pre-indicators and when to respond effectively to minimize exposure to volatile situations. Attendees will be exposed to new threat assessment models while participating in tabletop exercises designed to mimic common acts of situational violence.

Personal Safety Program for Women

Sexual assault is unfortunately a reality in today’s world. It occurs at work, while on a date, and even at family functions. You don’t have to be a victim. At Providers International we believe that a responsible citizen should always be prepared to protect themselves from those that would do them harm. This training session will review what predators look for in a victim and how to safely and effectively avoid or defend yourself if an assault occurs. This seminar is presented in a professional non-threatening manner. Our philosophy “Be Aware and Prepare” revolves around exploring situational awareness and demonstrating how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. We will review the most up to date and common practices of convicted rapists and teach each attendee effective physical tactics to employ when being attacked.