Our unique approach to security allows us to analyze, assess and respond to issues far below the threshold of violence. Our comprehensive methodology has positioned Providers International at the forefront of the security industry, thus making us your best choice for securing your safety in future.

Threat Assessment

Stop harassment and bullying.

Termination Planning

Prevent aggravated violence with policies and procedures.

Event Security

Physical site and transport protection.

Site Security

Armed Guards – Our professionals go through extensive background checks, to ensure excellent protection of your valuables and loved ones in case of any emergency.

Event Security – To cover all kinds of events worldwide, systematic scheduling, execution and staffing.

Executive Protection – High profile people and celebrities need staff nearby to respond to situations accordingly.

Surveillance – Monitoring of actions, events, and data to control, handle, or guide situations.

Residential Security – Individualized home security for families and loved ones.

Asset Management

Access Control – Structured control for area access using biometrics, radio frequency identifiction (RFID), and electrified locks.

Fleet Management – Vehicle maintenance, licensing and compliance, supply chain management, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management, and live video feeds.

Safe Storage – Providing 24/7 security on physical monetary and high value items deposits.

Secure Transport – Safe travel services offer peace of mind to travelers by offering personalized, secure transport solutions.

Threat Mitigation

Business Continuity – Ensuring operational performance during and after unplanned events, emergencies, and disasters.

Consulting and Advising – Analysis of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities; updated safety master plans, reviews, intelligence reports, and safety lock down.

Corporate Investigations and Auditing – Crime investigations, product security, search and retrieval of property, history and review of incidents.

Cyber Security – Computer systems protection against misuse or harm to their equipment, software or electronic data.

Private Investigations – Monitoring, surveillance location services, asset tracking, record retrieval, and background checks at your service.

Next Steps…

Provide assuarance and confidence to the people and property you care about.