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Unfortunately, issues pertaining to workplace violence are on the rise. His unique proactive approach establishes new protocols and provisions that can be implemented effectively to assist companies with theft, incident management, workforce reduction issues, strikes, and physical site security improvements.

Receiving his bachelor’s degree at Prescott College in Environmental Studies, Mr. Secundy also attained a Masters Degree in National Security with an emphasis in Terrorism Methodology from California State University San Bernardino. In addition he has studied extensively at Executive Security International where he gained certifications in both Executive Protection and Corporate Crisis Management.


Daniel Secundy, founder of Providers International, has spent the better part of a decade researching and working within the security apparatus of the United States. He is considered an expert in security and specializes in protecting students, faculty and staff from violence in society. One must only peruse the recent headlines to understand the necessity for immediate planning when dealing with these types of situations.


Mr. Secundy has effectively applied his Masters Degree in Terrorism Methodology to develop new proactive solutions for reducing violence in and around school campuses and businesses. His customized, hands on, seminar based approach can deliver to institutions the necessary tools to stem the tide of violence seen too often around this nation. Situational awareness remains a key component to reducing violence in our society. Mr. Secundy teaches people how to use these tools effectively and not become victims of violence themselves.

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